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Posted by Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) on Tuesday, December 22, 2015
The Spoonful of Sugar Festival
An Event to Benefit:
Sept 9 - 25, 2016
The Spoonful of Sugar Festival
Welcome to The 2016 Spoonful of Sugar Festival!
If you haven't watched that video up there yet, go ahead.  It's short but seriously soul shaking.  So now you probably have some questions. If not, I'll make some up for you! Who ARE you people?? Myself and Angelique Wickentower have been the Co-Owners of Ever An' Angel since 2011. In the past six years a deep friendship was forged between us in both SL and RL. That's nice, but what's that got to do with this Spoonful of Sugar thing? At one recent meet-up in real life, Angel and I got into a long conversation about  what we find meaningful and fulfilling in our lives. The charity work we participate in, here in SL, came up often.  I was recently asked what charities I feel are most important and I answered "I might just have to begin one for my personal favorite, MSF/Doctors Without Borders." Getting MSF/Doctors Without Borders on-board with our idea was a simple matter of a few phone calls. True to their fearless reputation, they have approached this crazy, virtual world idea with huge enthusiasm, support and gratitude. So why MSF? (and shouldn't it be DWB? or "Ever, you REALLY gotta do something about your typing....")  MSF stands for "Medicins Sans Frontieres." That's French for Doctors Without Borders, and was founded in Paris, France so they use the French version of the organization's acronym.   As for what they do, their name really says it all, but I like to talk, so lets add that there are a lot of people in the world that can't get even basic medical care because of their religion, race, financial status, conflicts, and many more reasons, and they desperately need our help. MSF/Doctors Without Borders puts legs under that idea and makes it RUN, not walk, to help. Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.  Often with great personal risk to their own safety and wellbeing.  They are unstoppable. Seriously, check out their info page here and their website link.  We want to support them and evidently, you do too. Why A Spoonful of Sugar? (SOS <---cool coincidence, eh?) I have to credit Angel with that awesome idea for our name.  Isn't it perfect?  A spoonful of sugar not only "helps the medicine go down," it can help it go "around" (the whole world!) with MSF/Doctors Without Borders.  Each of us is a grain in that spoonful, and each an equally necessary and valued piece of a larger whole that means quality medical care for everyone, even those in the most desperate and frightening of situations. Why Second Life? Second Life, a community without borders, seems a perfect platform for an event to Support MSF/Doctors Without Borders. The response we received from people has been overwhelmingly positive.  People immediately recognized MSF/Doctors Without Borders and their message really resonates with many in here. People, with the right motives and intentions, came to us quickly and pretty soon a very strong and talented team for The Spoonful Of Sugar Festival came together. If I haven't completely bored you silly by now, see our About Us page for more about these amazing folks! Media people and Magazines, Merchants, Creators, and Builders have come together, and we proudly give you the very best and brightest, and most generous of SL talent for this event and we want you to be a part of it too! Wait, you want me to do/attend ANOTHER EVENT??? I was taught something wonderful in my late twenties. The notion that we have "enough" of something, be it time, talent or energy, is only truly realized when we give some of it away.  And when we do, someone else is a lot closer to having enough too.  Neat how that works, eh?  That being said, yes, mind your healthy boundaries when choosing to do or not do ANY event and when picking your level of commitment.  We fully encourage you to “charity” responsibly.  :D  We in turn, are committed to making this as fun and stress free as possible for everyone.  We hope you will join us in what we feel will be a most rewarding and joyful endeavor. What about other charities such as Relay For Life? The SL Community is a huge contributor to RFL and numerous other charities looking for cures. We are proud to be a very active part of that, but why stop there? In more fortunate, developed countries, we fight the good fight daily for the survivors and victims of so many, as yet, incurable illnesses.  When we DO find those precious cures and treatments, it is only fair that EVERYONE should have rapid and effective access to them, right? No matter where we live, we face the threat of disease.  Disease knows no borders. Certainly the fight against them shouldn't.  MSF/Doctors Without Borders is already working globally and without bias to help us all. Sounds great! Now, how do I stop Ever from going on...and on....? Alas, we're working on a cure for that too.  In the meantime, hit that sponsor page or get over to this fantastic event when it opens and start shopping!  There is a way to use the hours spent in Second Life to make a real difference in RL.  You can shop, dance, concert and socialize your way to benefiting this tremendous cause.   Be well,
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