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Ever Courtois Founder / Coordinator Ever Courtois is the Co-Owner and Creator of Ever An' Angel (women's clothing) Tone (cosmetics) and EFM (Ever For Men). An Artist in real life, and a self taught Graphic Artist, Ever's "in-world" work translates to highly relatable clothing/cosmetics for Second Life Avatars. At one recent meet-up in real life, Angel and Ever got into one of those long conversations about and what they find meaningful and fulfilling in their lives. Ever found that having met with some success in her design work in SL, what she has found most gratifying are the charity events she and Angel participate in here in SL. Ever's awareness of Doctors Without Borders came over a decade ago when some friends and activists brought it to her attention. Doctors Without Borders appeals to her because of its equanimity and global scale of operations.  She believes that sound medical care is a right not a luxury, and sees Doctors Without Borders as a fearless and unstoppable organization determined to make this a tangible fact rather than a vague idea predicated on the approval of any political, religious or moral system. Second Life, a community without borders, seems a perfect platform for both getting that message out and supporting their endeavors.
Angelique Wickentower Founder / Coordinator Angelique (or Angel as she prefers to be called) Wickentower is the Co-Owner of Ever An' Angel (women's clothing) Tone (cosmetics) and EFM (Ever For Men).  Second Life has been her sanctuary from the stressors of RL for almost eight years.  This wacky and gorgeous place has allowed her to meet many wonderful people that she wouldn't trade for anything!  She's happy to be Ever's business partner and partner in crime in both lives. Her favorite things to do are: go gaching, shop her own store, support her friends in their endeavors and shop their stores, gacha machines, breedable bunnies and oh yeah, gacha machines! Angel is extremely impressed with Doctors Without Borders on many levels. First and foremost is their tireless efforts to bring medical care to people and places in the world where medical care is not readily available, as well as to people experiencing major region and life changing events.  Second, they run extremely lean administratively and she understands how impressive and important this is for a non-profit since in RL she is COO of a multi-million dollar NP that works with the developmentally disabled.  Your donations will be used appropriately and timely by this wonderful organization seeking to bring basic and advanced medical care throughout the world.
Dorrie Bellman Landscaper Dorrie Bellman is a Second Life landscaper/terraformer, a breedables breeder and auctioneer and a helper, all of which are her passions in this virtual world.  Landscaping gives rise to a creative side as well as a quiet realm that soothes the soul, breedables for play because they are cute and an interesting challenge while auctioneering is for fun and interaction with others. Last but not least, being a helper allows me to help and encourage others in any way that I can. MSF (Doctors Without Borders) is without question an essential entity in the world we live in today with much needed health care for the most unfortunate and susceptible. They face terrible living conditions, high stresses, diseases, cultural differences, terrorism and so much more. These courageous people put themselves at risk every day, they do what I cannot. Working with others within the Spoonful of Sugar event to help raise funds to further their goals is my humble contribution.
Ever & Angel are proud to found The Spoonful of Sugar Festival, and are determined that we will be an ongoing, successful source of support for MSF/Doctors Without Borders.
Kasslina Moonglow H&G Merchant Liaison Kasslina Moonglow  came to Second Life over two years ago and she has approached everything she does with a drive. Working to carve out a space for herself in the world, she has made friendships and learned from some of the best builders and business developers in Second Life. As Owner and Creator of “Outside the Box!” Kasslina brings things to life that some would consider ordinary. Kass reflects her passion for life in every piece she designs.   Throughout her life Kasslina has been involved as a health care professional. Her desire to preserve life has extended to her interest in working with Relay for Life and now The Spoonful of Sugar Team to benefit Doctors Without Borders. To assist others in the health and care of others is as much a part of her calling as her passion to save lives professionally in her career.
Dorrie Bellman Kasslina Moonglow Angelique (Angel) Wickentower
Bopete Yossarian Website Manager Bopete Yossarian joined Second Life in February 2004 as part of an all-female game development team, to participate in the first Second Life Game Developer's Competition.  Since joining, Bopete has developed and continues to support a wide variety of products and services in Second Life.  In real life, Bopete is an independent programmer and web developer for small businesses.  She led an 80-member, local computer users group for 4 years, had her works published in two national computer magazines, and at one time helped to develop custom software for a quadriplegic support program for a local hospital. While far from being wealthy or powerful, Bopete is a firm believer in "Noblesse oblige" - the concept of those who are in a position to help others, should do so.  It’s this spirit of selflessness that Bopete admires about MSF.  When she learned that the Spoonful of Sugar project was looking for a web developer, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to "walk the walk", and happily joined the SOS team. Bopete finds great inspiration from one of her favorite Pink Floyd songs, “On The Turning Away”, which expresses the message that we should all take part in helping those that cannot help themselves.
Bopete Yossarian
Essy Luv Fashion Liaison Event Coordinator ESSY Luv is and has been a highly visible Model in SL for 5 years. She is best known as the "Face of Ever An' Angel", but also works for several other designers and agencies in live, print and runway modeling.  Designers praise her for her awareness of current trends, flexibility and versatility .... adding that she brings a sense of elegance, grace and style to everything she endeavors to do.  We feel her endless energy and attention to detail make her a huge asset to the SOS Team as Fashion Liaison. ESSY has chosen to be a part of the SOS Festival to benefit MSF/ Doctors Without Borders because she knows MSF to be a well known international medical humanitarian organization that will help in many countries around the world with projects/offers of different solutions to match ANY health problem or crisis.  ESSY admires and respects that MSF rushes into action as soon as their help is needed while maintaining impartiality to race, religion or political views of those in need.
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Hatris Panacek Builder Hattie (Hatris) Panacek was born back in the day when good old prims ruled the land. At first I was curious about this virtual world where anything was possible, where you could be a dragon or a Neko and you could live in a mushroom or in a castle with a dungeon. After I learned to walk I dared putting two prims together... Like a kid that connects two legos together for the first time I was hooked. My education in history of art and architecture especially of the Medieval period made the choice quite easy. I will build castles. I founded my first small brand Rampart and I started making castles focusing on realism and custom made textures.. And then Mesh upload happened... It scared me to death to use an external software to make what I learned to do in SL with prims. I tried and I failed, miserably. Out of frustration and without a guide I left SL for almost a year. But I came back after learning 3D modeling without pressure, living for months in the Beta Grid, this time with a specialization in Steampunk and Victorian/Neo Victorian style focusing in architecture, furniture and decor and I created a new brand called Ex Machina. When I was invited to collaborate with the SOS festival I was immediately convinced that this is an event I want to help and work with. I think Doctors Without Borders brings hope to the world too often torn by divisions, being without borders is my idea of an ideal world.
Hatris Panacek
The Spoonful of Sugar Festival
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Corvi Ashdene Merchant Liaison Corvi Ashdene is the Owner and creator of The Dark Fae; a quirky mix of furniture, prefabs, clothing, and shoes. established Nov. 2010 When asked to describe TDF a friend was once quoted as saying, "Dark Fae' doesn't exactly suggest sugarplums & rainbows." Corvi seems to be inspired both from the dark and light side of Fae. Corvi has been in SL since 2008 and has loved every moment of it. Here she can express herself in ways she could only dream of. She builds until her friends drag her off her platform or role play or shop. She is silly and fun and likes to help make people laugh. Corvi is known for her great capacity to listen and comfort. In RL Corvi has health issues so events that are fund raisers to help others conquer their health issues are very dear to her. She heard about MSF/Doctors Without Borders through Ever, when they became friends a few years ago at a mutual event they were in. After some encouragement, Corvi took part in the first SOS as a Merchant, enjoyed it greatly and is now thrilled to be part of the SOS team.
Corvi Ashdene
Ripley Darwin Administrator Ripley (Taliah) Darwin joined SL in 2007 and started out as a DJ but after a while, she ventured into the world of fashion eventually opening her own store, Facepalm (named after one of her most common reactions to SL). Luck happened to be on her side when Ever sent out a need for help, she did a happy chair dance when she got the IM from Ever telling her that she'd actually been accepted as the SOS Administrative Assistant. We won't tell Ever that somewhere in the back of Ripley's mind, she feels sorry for Ever because she has to put up with Ripley pestering her now. In RL Ripley is a former paramedic and AHA instructor so medical causes are near and dear to her heart. Having seen people postpone seeking help with health issues due to financial concerns in her work, she knows how important charities like MSF are to helping the people of the world.
Ripley Darwin
Gabrielle Somersley PR & Media Director I joined SL in 2009 and my first project was running a family role play community, Somersley Estates. It started with 1 sim and grew into 18 sims quickly. We had so much fun, I enjoyed the advertising, organizing events, and of course the citizens. In 2015 we closed the town and looked for something new and exciting. One day I noticed that LTD ( was looking for staff, so I applied and I've been there since. In my free time (which let's face it I keep busy), I enjoy decorating, spending time with family and friends, and of course playing gachas. Something else that is important to me is giving back in Real Life and SL, so  when I had the opportunity to join the SOS team, I was excited. So let's raise some great money for this amazing charity together!
Gabrielle Somersly Ever Courtois Essy Luv
Sinful Rhapsody Blogger Manager I have been in second life since 2008, This is not my Original avatar. I started out working in clubs, dancing mainly and then I went on to hosting and that is where my personality come out, I loved it, I've also ran a couple of clubs as a manager, both of which where attached to stores, one I ran for 4+ years. In 2012 I met my now real life partner and was prepared for a NEW and happy life! He moved over to where I lived and I soon fell pregnant, How excited we both were and me being *cough* 40 I thought it was close to a miracle. Sadly, my waters broke at 20 weeks (5 months) and we sadly lost our baby boy River. This was to be a fall to a whole new level, I woke up in intensive care, My kidneys stopped working, I had a vicious form of e-coli, metabolic acidosis and had gone into septic shock. I fought to go home so we could bury our son and they let me, not even 24 hours later I started having seizures an MRI confirmed a rare type of stroke called posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome. I know suffer with a bunch of health issues due to the trauma to my body and take so many pills I fear that if I could walk properly I may rattle *giggle* This is a long winded story BUT this is why Doctors without Border and the S.O.S festival is so utterly important to me, I live in the UK and consider myself lucky with the help I needed when I got sick, without it I would have died. So when I was asked to join this amazing team I knew straight away I needed to help other less fortunate to get the medical help they desperately needed.
Sinful Rhapsody